Service Level Agreement

The National Center for Performance Measurement “Adaa” confirms its keenness to achieve customer satisfaction by making Watani platform services available at all times at a maximum for them. We provide a list of Watani platform services that have achieved compliance with these standards along with the maximum time of service delivery. This time does not include completing deficiencies in case the customer does not provide all the required information. Customers must comply with the terms and conditions of each service as described in the e-services manual at the center. All e-services will be added respectively to this list.

Assistance and support:

The platform includes a section to assist and support the audience of beneficiaries. This section provides all the assistance needed by a Watani platform visitor taking into account that it fits as many visitors as possible. Therefore, readable content and media materials have been provided in various forms, as well as detailed information and links to some forms of assistance such as: FAQs, proof of evaluation... and others. More information is available on Contact Us page

Privacy and confidentiality of information:

A confidential Watani platform places users' and visitors' information at the top of the list of priorities, and the platform makes every effort to provide quality services to all beneficiaries through the privacy document and confidentiality of information. More information is available on the Privacy Policy page.

Beneficiary's rights and duties:

  • Watani platform allows the registration of a user's account; To apply to evaluate the services of both electronic entities and service provider centers and to know the nearest service provider center and the historical record of the beneficiary's assessment of the platform.
  • Registration must be via mobile number, the data entered is correct, and the incorrect data entered or attached can exclude the request.
  • Interacting with beneficiaries' requests is fair and confidential and responding as necessary through the system or through email as needed.
  • The applicant bears full responsibility for his or her choices and regulations governing the services, and irregular applications are excluded.

Rights and duties of Watani platform:

  • The beneficiary's assessment of the services provided by public devices interacts directly if all inputs are correct
  • The Center's management maintains the rules of justice and privacy in dealing with observations, complaints, and requests of beneficiaries.
  • The Centre's management has the right to cancel or suspend certain observations and complaints submitted to it without giving reasons.
  • The Centre's management has the right to exclude requests that do not conform to or contain incorrect data.
  • Center management has the right to temporarily disable certain services or systems for maintenance work or for other reasons.

Levels of e-service delivery

Service provided Expected duration of service completion Service availability time
Feedback Services Instant 24/7
Open Data 15 days 24/5 Demand is studied and influenced by the quality of open data and according to the reasons for the data request
Reply to inquiries 3 days 24/5 Affected by the speed of providing the bank with the necessary requirements for each phase
Response to complaints 5 days 24/5 Depends on the project plan, type and speed of the customer's implementation of the requirements
Reply to observations 3 days 24/5 Content alignment is checked before accreditation

Mechanism for dealing with proposals:

The proposal means each creative idea or initiative to develop a service or product provided by a Watani platform and the idea or initiative has a positive impact and value added results.

Proposals shall be received and transmitted to the competent department for consideration. The proposal shall not be considered accepted or initiated by the Centre, but shall be considered applicable and feasible.

The National Center for Performance Measurement “Adaa” retains its moral and legal right to deal with the proposals received and to record, propose, transform, produce or restructure the idea in line with the Centre's business strategies.