This policy applies to all beneficiaries' requests for access to or access to public information - unprotected or confidential and produced by a Watani platform. The Center provides access to information to visitors to the platform in line with national regulations and policies. The Center is also keen to share information of mutual interest or specialization that is published on a Watani platform. It will raise the level of services provided by public agencies. The Center also publishes open data produced by a watani platform according to the open data policy.

The provisions of this Policy do not apply to protected information, and include:

  • Information whose disclosure undermines national security, policies, interests or rights.
  • Military and security information.
  • Information and documents obtained under an agreement with another State and classified as protected.
  • Inquiries, investigations, seizures, searches and surveillance relating to a crime, intimidation or threat.
  • Information containing recommendations, suggestions or consultations for the promulgation of legislation or a government decision that has not yet been issued.
  • Information of a commercial, industrial, financial or economic nature whose disclosure results in unlawful profit or avoidance of loss.
  • Scientific or technical research or rights encompassing an intellectual property right whose disclosure prejudices a moral right.
  • Information on competitions, bids and auctions whose disclosure undermines competition justice.
  • Classified information is confidential or personal under another system or requires certain statutory procedures for accessing or obtaining it.

Key Principles of Freedom of Information:

Principle 1: Transparency

An individual has the right to know information about a Watani platform's activities in order to enhance the system of integrity, transparency and accountability.

Principle II: Necessity and proportionality

Any restrictions on the request for access or access to protected information received, produced or handled by a Watani platform should be justified.

Principle III: Origin in general information Disclosure

Everyone has the right to have access to public information - unprotected - and the applicant does not necessarily have a particular biological or interest in such information to be able to obtain it, nor is he subjected to any legal accountability relating to this right.

Principle IV: Equality

All requests for access to public information are treated on the basis of equality and non-discrimination between individuals.

For information:

To request information you can access the Open Data Request Form

Relevant legislation: