Watani platform of the National Center for Measuring the Performance of Public Services in Saudi Arabia (hereinafter referred to as "Watani Platform") is available for your personal use. Your access and use of this platform are subject to these Terms and Conditions of Use and the Regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Your access to this platform is also unconditionally approved by the Terms and Conditions of Use whether you are a registered user or not. This consent is effective from the date of your first use of this platform.

The use of the Platform includes a number of terms and conditions that are subject to continuous updates and changes as needed, and any modification or update of any such terms and conditions becomes effective as soon as it is approved by the Centre's management; This requires you to continuously review the terms of use and disclaimer principles to find out about any updates to them; Your continued use of this platform means that you are fully informed and accepted of any modification of the terms and conditions of use. These Terms and Conditions contain property rights and the Centre's management is not required to announce any updates to these Terms.

Policy for dissemination of suggestions and comments:

The National Center for the Measurement of the Performance of Public Organs ensures constant interaction with its clients and visitors to a national platform. It, therefore, prioritizes communication with them and receives all their proposals and comments. To this end, the Center looks to all visitors and browsers of Watani platform to adhere to its policy of publishing the proposals and comments contained in the platform does not contain any kind of insults or expressions that do not take into account public morals and morals.

The text of the commentary or idea to be published shall not contain any personal information, ordinary or electronic addresses or telephone numbers.

The commentary should be brief and should relate to the content of the evaluation of services.

Receiving or suspending a proposal does not constitute acceptance, initiation, or posting of the proposal on the platform, but rather an examination of the applicability and feasibility of its implementation.

The National Centre for the Measurement of the Performance of Public Organs retains its moral and legal right to deal with the proposals received and to record, propose, transform, produce or restructure the idea in line with the Centre's business strategies.

General Terms and Conditions

The information and materials contained in this website are subject to continuous updates and changes as required by the work

The information and materials contained in this website are subject to continuous updates and changes as required by the work

All regulations and laws published on the platform, whether for the National Center for the Measurement of the Performance of Public Organs or for other entities, may be subject to translation to interpret their meaning in order to increase usefulness. However, the Arabic text of all such regulations and laws constitutes the basic reference. Therefore, in no case can their interpretation be relied upon to elicit any information or details.

Terms of Use

By using Watani platform, you acknowledge abstaining from:
  • Provide or upload files containing software, materials, data or other information that you do not own or do not have a licence for.
  • Use this platform in any way to send any commercial or spam email or any such misuse of Watani platform
  • Provide or upload files on this platform containing corrupt viruses or data.
  • Publishing, declaring, distributing or circulating materials or information containing reputational defamation, violation of laws, pornography, insult or contravention of Islamic teachings, public morals or any illegal material or information through Watani platform.
  • Participating through Watani platform in illegal or illegal activities in Saudi Arabia.
  • Advertising on Watani platform any product or service that makes us in violation of any applicable law or system in any field.
  • Use any means, software or procedure to intercept or attempt to intercept the proper operation of Watani platform.
  • Any action that imposes an unreasonable, large or inappropriate load on the infrastructure of Watani platform.

Using links to Watani platform

Except as set out below, it is forbidden to transfer or copy any of the contents of Watani platform or to create or display any of its electronic links in a framework.

Special links can be established as Watani platform in any other sites whose overall objectives and orientation are not inconsistent with the platform's objectives, policies and frameworks.

Watani platform shall in no way be considered as participating in or associated in any way with any trademarks, logos, commercial or service codes or other means used or appearing on websites associated with this platform or any of its contents.

Watani platform retains its full rights to stop and impede any association in any way from any site containing inappropriate, explicit, transgressive, lewd, pornographic, inappropriate, unacceptable or unlawful subjects or names, materials or information contrary to any law or violating any intellectual property rights, privacy rights or public rights.

Watani platform reserves the right to disable any unauthorized link and assumes no responsibility for the content available on any other site accessed or accessed through this platform.

Links from Watani platform

Links to other portals and/or websites are provided for the purpose of facilitating the visitor. We are not responsible for the content or credibility of the portals and/or websites to which we relate and do not authenticate their contents. Therefore, the use of any such links to access these websites or portals is entirely at your own risk, and we aim to replace the disconnected electronic links. Do not operate on other sites, and since we do not have control or control over such links; We do not in any way guarantee that these links will operate permanently.

Virus Protection

We make every effort to examine and test the contents of this platform at all stages of production. We advise you to always run an antiviral program on all materials downloaded from the Internet. We are not liable for any loss, interruption or damage to your data or computer that may occur while contacting this platform or when using material from this platform.

Collection and use of electronic information

Watani platform servers automatically capture your IP address when you visit the site. (Your IP address is the number of your computer, which allows other devices connected to the Internet to determine the destination of their data and collect some information such as browser quality and search engine but without identifying your personal identity).

Using Watani platform for your Internet Protocol helps to diagnose problems that occur on its servers, and also helps it to perform the necessary statistics to measure the use of the Site (the number of visitors and the language of your computer), the portal does not allow anyone outside the technical team of Watani platform to access your Internet Protocol.(Cookies)

The site may store so-called Cookies on your computer when you visit Watani platform. Cookies are part of the data that identifies you as a unique user and can be used to develop your knowledge of the portal and better understand the user base of this portal.

Most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies, and you can reset your browser to reject all cookies or to alert when cookies are sent. Please also note that some services offered on Watani platform may not work properly if you reject cookies.

Waiver of claims

Watani platform, services, information, materials and functions available or accessible through the platform are provided for your personal use "as is" and "as is available" without any acknowledgement, promises or guarantees of any kind.

We cannot guarantee or take responsibility for any interruptions, errors or abuses that may arise from the use of this platform, its contents or any associated site, whether or not we know.

Any communication or information that the user may transmit through Watani platform will not have the right to own or guarantee confidentiality. Any interactive use or use of Watani platform is first not intended to guarantee the user any rights, licenses or privileges of any kind.

The waiver by the National Center To measure public devices' performance of any right available to them and specified under these conditions in one of the places or events does not in any way imply an automatic and permanent waiver of any rights in other places and events.

Limits of liability

E-services provided by Watani online platform and getting an assessment of services and centers about different public entities are provided only to find out the user's impression of the services. You therefore acknowledge your full knowledge that Internet communications may be interfered with or intercepted by others, that Watani platform does not replace information available through official entities and that requests and administrative actions can be taken directly before the competent authorities.

The Centre also does not guarantee the authenticity of the information included or on the platform, whether texts, charts or links; It has come to the Centre in this form and disclaims the Centre's responsibility for any errors or omissions in this information and material. The Centre shall not give any assurance whatsoever of its type and nature with respect to such information, such as assurances of infringement of property rights or marketing of information for use for any other purposes.

Therefore, resorting to this platform remains your own responsibility. In no case shall we be liable for any loss or damage of any kind that you may suffer due to your use of the Platform, your visit to the Platform, your reliance on any statement, opinion or announcement in the Platform, or that may result from any delays in operation, disruption of communication, problems with Internet access, equipment or software failures, or the conduct or ideas of any person entering this Platform. You hereby acknowledge and agree that your exclusive and sole means of remedying any damage or loss that may occur as a result of your access to or use of this platform is to refrain from using, accessing or failing to continue to use this platform.


It hereby acknowledges that no action has been taken against The National Center for Performance Measurement “Adaa”or any of its management, compensation and liability insurance, as well as any entities, employees or agents responsible for managing, maintaining, updating or providing Watani platform. of all obligations and responsibilities that may arise in connection with any claim arising from any breach by you of the terms and conditions of use or any of the laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the place where you reside.

Termination of use

We may, at our absolute discretion, terminate, restrict or suspend your right to enter and use Watani platform without notice and for any reason including violation of the terms and conditions of use or any other conduct that we may consider unlawful or harmful to others in our own discretion, and in the event of termination, you will not be authorized to enter this platform.

Property Rights

Any information provided by visitors to the Site shall be deemed to belong to The National Center for Performance Measurement “Adaa”. The Center shall be entitled to use it for any purpose. The Center shall also have the right to use any ideas, concepts, expertise or techniques contained therein; It is dealt with in accordance with the Center's confidentiality policy.

Any modification of any of the contents of Watani platform is strictly prohibited. Graphics and images on this platform are protected by copyright. They may not be reproduced or exploited in any way without the prior written consent of The National Center for Performance Measurement “Adaa”in Saudi Arabia.

Judicial reference

You hereby agree to be subject exclusively to the judicial authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in respect of all claims and disputes arising from your use of Watani platform. Arabic will be the official language used to resolve any disputes arising from your use of the platform or any of its contents.

For more information

In case of any queries or opinions about the Terms of Use and Disclaimer, the platform management can be contacted via the communication channels page

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